January’s Open Mike

     January’s Coffee House was a fine way to start off the new year of Music. The diversity was wide, the talent very good, the audience warm and receptive, the coffee was hot and the snacks yummy. You couldn’t ask for anything more. A hardy thanks to our volunteers. Michele Scott was our greeter and Rodney Stedman, the man behind the coffee and snacks.

We had nearly a full house on this evening,  with a very receptive crowd. First the audience was treated to the wonderful rich harmonies of our new friends from Brookline, The “ New Beginings” praise band. With 6 singers a cellist and a key board player their music was smooth and layered.  Next David Lister shared a song he penned about his grandfather called “The Grandfather Song,” followed by “They Are Just Babies,” his poignant song about firearms. He finished up with “Welcome to the Monadnocks.”  Dave you write good songs. Enough said! I would just like to remind you folks that David’s new coffee house in Rindge NH has its debut this February 8th. . Charlie Moser presented two original poems:  Spider, and Dr. Frankenstein’s Compost.  They got a laugh from all.  He was joined by one of his students, Pam Lassen, for a mandolin duet by Raffale Calace.  It was the first time Bernie O’Grady played on our stage with a guitar instead of a bass. He entertained us with a warm version of “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” Followed by an Eddy Vetter tune. Tom Keating, a seasoned performer, had a memorable first time on our stage. He introduced us to “Mobius” an original that was well penned and played, Followed by “Say Goodbye to the West”. “When sweet air is all around us you are loved by everyone.”  Tom Please come back again. This next guy is…. well… if you have seen him play you know. One of our own local boys Jerry Wile rocked us with Chuck Berry’s Memphis and then laid on us a very fine original “This Old New Hampshire Home” You can catch Jerry March 9th at the Round Room Coffee House in Mount Vernon, He is the feature that night. http://roundroomcoffeehouse.com/. Jeanne Sable made her debut on our stage performing some songs that made you think about the way things are and maybe how they should be. She started with “Gram’s Song”, an original about one of the main characters in her novel, “Seed Keepers of Crescentville“. Her next song, “Monty’s in Missouri“, co-written with Valerie Piedmont, asks if man’s intervention into bioengineering of plants is better than thousands of years of evolution. I’m still chewing on that. She followed that with “Who Counts,” an original she wrote about voting machines. John Pearson, a Temple Boy transplanted to Mason, is no stranger to our stage. John entertained the audience with a fresh off the press original, “The Right Thing To Do”. John you right some good tunes. Wrapping up the evening was a new face to the coffee house Bill Fritz. He laid down “The House of the Rising Sun” and closed our evening with “The Stray Cat Strut”.

Saturday January 19th's featuring the clasical gutare talents of Matt Lister.

Saturday January 19th’s featuring the clasical gutare talents of Matt Lister.

Matt Lister, The evenings feature performer, visited us, all the way from Dover NH. Matt’s strong skillful fingers moved up and down the fret board painting musical sound scapes with a colorful ebb and flow of dynamics and emotion. As he performed, it was apparent he was enjoying the moment as much as his audience was. His dry wit and generous talent on the classical guitar was enough to fill the music lover’s soul. He opened with “Nocturne” by Johann Kaspar Mertz , then “Cavatina” by Stanley Myers, followed by “Variations on a Theme by Handel” by Mauro Giuliani. Next was “Romanza” flamenco arrangement by Jaun Serrano. To wrap it up he entertained the crowd with “The Weeping Willow” by Scott Joplin.                                                                                                                    Matt it was a real pleasure to have you join us on this special evening.  We wish all the best, and we hope to hear more of you, and your guitar.

Music Happens

Steve Tamulonis


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