Frosty February Fun and it did’t snow this night. whew!

The Living Room Coffee House February 16, 2016

It was another evening of friends, food, music, laughter, and surprises. Mike and I appreciate all the folks that turned out to share the evening. This was a special evening marking our 1st anniversary managing the coffee house now in it’s 5 season. We could not make this coffee house what it is with out the energy of all the folks involved. The performers the volunteers and the fantastic audience, you all make this coffee house what it is. Thank you all!

New Beginnings, opened the evening with “Offering”, a rich tune with 6 voices layered on top of Charlene’s cello and Gary’s key board. They followed up with the popular U2 tune, “40”. They wrapped it up with,”Let My life be Proof of Your Love”. This was an up lifting spiritual song that sinks into your soul. One of the surprises of the evening happened at the end. In a conversation with Christine form New Beginnings we started planning a praise band festival to be held in August of this year. A new seed is planted. A new guest, young Justin Cohn took the stage. A singer song writer from Milford performed for us 3 of his original songs,“Beat the odds”, ”Just to find my Way” and “Honest Love”. Justin’s tastefully infused falsetto and his vocal dynamics drew the listener into his heart felt lyrics that sketched out pictures of love and hope. Justin will be our feature performer in September. A great way to start the season. Rick Beauselete performed “I Aint Wait’n”. This song makes a person feel motivated to get out there and just do it. Rick was kind enough it invite me to perform with on his next 2 songs so I didn’t get a chance to write down what they were. I remember I liked them. Jim Giddens recited some great works. The one about birds was a tickler that got us all laughing. Decatur Creek, Steve Dionne, Jack Carlton, and Doug Farrel offered up three original songs. Each song was written by a different member of the group. “South bound Train” “Down in a Hole”, and “Cruising For You”. I want to thank these gentlemen for inviting me to perform with them on stage. It was a great to hear the harmonies up close. Doug Farrel is the coordinator of the Round Room coffee house in Mount Vernon. He was so impressed with Neptune’s Car that he invited them to be the Round Room Feature May 2014. Note: March 9th our own Jerry Wile is the feature at the Round Room. That promises to be a good night. Wrapping up the evening was our good friend Mike Damery, He performed 2 Bebo Norman songs, “Try”, and  “Tip of my heart”. Mike you are the Key stone of this coffee house. Thanks for your love of music.

Mike great job!

Our February Feature was Neptune’s Car. Neptue’s Car  is Holly Hanson on guitar and vocals backed by Steve Hayes on guitar and vocals. These 2 musicians have a comfortable and friendly stage presence that has the audience relaxed and captivated. Holly’s confident, sweet voice caresses her lyrics as Steve’s tasteful guitar licks and back up vocals add the guilding that put a shine on their well polished tunes. To top it off, Holly and Steve are genuinely nice folks. A real pleasure to have in the room. “Follow This High Way”, off of their “Strawberry Moon” CD was their opening number. Next they performed a song Holly wrote for her two boys as part of their home schooling “Light house Keeper”. “ Letters From the Road” and “Truck Song” are off of their new release Letters from the Road. The latter is a song penned and sung by Steve with Holly’s backup and cute interjections, “That’s the New Hampshire way”. Steve’s voice and the Truck song remind me of Bill Morrissey’s “Back Roads of NH” The Truck song is just one of many that I really like. Holly shared the back story of “Strawberry Moon” which was very touching and helped to frame the song’s picture of a mother and her children’s flight to safety. “In the Blue Room”, Holly’s boys favorite song, “in the folk genera”,  was next. This Mother’s gentle lullaby in ¾ time is a peaceful piece of songwriting. Very nice Holly and Steve. A sweet song. They wrapped up their set with a love song, “Rose Island Light House” she sang “Sending out a signal to another heart”.    You will find they are playing around the area, check out the calendar on Neptune’s Car’s Web site to find out the dates and places. Neptune’s Car are good folks that play good music. Steve and Holly thanks for sharing your talents with us at the Living Room Coffee House in Mason NH. We wish you both the very best.   Check out

Good Music to all

Steve Tamulonis


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One Response to Frosty February Fun and it did’t snow this night. whew!

  1. Marlene says:

    Great blog! I missed the coffeehouse this month, but reading this makes me feel like I never missed a thing. Thanks for writing, Steve!

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