June 15th The Season Finale

Tad Dreis June 15th 2013 1

June 15th 2013 coffee house                     A wonderful evening of Music and friendship. A great big fat thanks to all that helped make it happen.                        Tammy and Mason you are such a big help working in the kitchen and greeting. Debora thank you for staying and helping cleaning up.  And a big thanks to the rest that helped clean up. Also a rocking thanks to Tad Dreis, “pronounced like rice”, our feature for entertaining us with his original tunes.                                                                                                                                                                                    Mike,   Charley, and Steve opened the evening with a Grateful Dead tune, “Ripple”.         Jim Giddings, sang some solo a cappella tunes. I apologize; I was in the kitchen listening and not writing notes.                                                                                                                   Tad Dreis, the evenings feature performer, laid out his original compositions with ease and confidence. With well crafted tunes he sketched out personalities like the one in “Arm Chair Warrior” and the youthfull reflective “The Rug that Swore”.  The Harmonica accompanied many of the songs. He gave us all some insight to the different methods of customizing a mouth harp by filing or adding putty to the reads to change the tone. The Harp took center stage in the Beatles “Black Bird”. No guitar just vocals and harp.Tad is a busy Musician. He teaches music in the Keene area and online by skype. He also can be found playing Celtic music Tuesdays at Harlow’s Pub in Peterborough. Tad it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoined the evening as much as we did. You can Visit Tad’s Web site at http://www.taddreis.com/.                                                                       Rick Beausoleil performed on his self made guitar. He played some of his originals. “When the tide Rushes Out” “Beloved Father” and a friends original “Open the Door to Your Heart”.                                                                                                                                    Charley Moser was joined by Steve Tamulonis on Cajon for his first tune “Dire Wolf” Charley continued with “Peggy O”, and wrapped it up with his very own “If Jesus Had A Gun”.                                                                                                                                           Young Kasey Larocque was backed up by Christa Renee on electric Guitar as she sang the Rolling Stones clasic “Wild Horses”, followed by “Sweet Angle”, Then Deb Smith joined her on piano and they performed a melancholy tune “Where I Stood”. Fantastic! Christa Renee took the stage to perform her originals. This girl Rocked us folks with    “So love Sick For You” and “Can We Ever Be Happy”. She mentioned that her band will be performing July 16th in Pepperell for the summer music series. More free out door music! Free is for Me! Check the band out at http://www.christareneeband.com/shows.html Mike Damery played the “The Way” by  Fast Ball and wrapped it up with a great Bebo Norman tune “Try”. Thank you Mike for all you hard work and enthusiasm. For the past 5 seasons Mike has been the rock. Love ya brother.                                                        The evening was closed by John Pierson. John was filled with energy and poured out the music. I missed writing the first tune down but the second was a hoot. “Nh Black Flies” could become the Mason town song. Very funny John the ending cracked me up. He ended our season with “Six Days on the Road” and I’m gonna make it home tonight!                 Once again, from Mike and I, Thank you to all.

See you in September.

Steve T



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