2014-15 Calendar

September 20th 2014,  Jack Kidjack kid photo
Jack Kid is a skilled New England troubadour; a complete musical entertainer who travels the land with his bag of magical songs. His musical palette is astounding in that he writes and sings tunes that range from political satire, to country, to heartfelt love songs, to blues, to new American folk, and he even throws in a little yodeling for good measure. You begin to wonder if there is anything this guy can’t do!      Check out his album at:http://www.acousticmusic.com/fame/p01808.htm
October 18, 2014 Glen Kellyglenn Kelly
Glen has performed at our coffee house in the past, and was well received. He is a virtual cornucopia of piano tunes. Much like a living juke box.Ever since taking accordion lessons in Southern California in the 1950’s, Glenn Kelly has gone through periodic music making surges during his life; high school/college rock bands in the late ’60’s/early ’70’s, bar bands in the mid ’70’s, various blues, soul, and folk rock bands in the ’90’s, including the late, lamented Gigantics, the greatest band ever from Francestown (!). Glenn has recently recorded two cds of rock, reggae, and soul music with the Glenn Kelly Band, and is working on a third.
November 15, 2014 Linda Markey  Linda Markey
http://www.reverbnation.com/lindamarkeyI’ve been told: Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Kate WolfI secretly enjoyed the folks songs we would sing in grammar school. I was captivated by their origins & associated folktales. Since then I’ve come to appreciate the history that they encompass & the beautiful language expressing the range of human emotions & conditions that haven’t changed much on a fundamental level over centuries. When singing the ballads I can watch & feel the story unfold in my mind. The sad stories give me hope for the future in that people survived. The lighter ones, especially the bawdy, are presented in a language much more intriguing to me than the blatant lyrics of some of today’s music. So, if you are interested, Join me on November 15th
December 6, Rick Beausoleil (Notice 1st Saturday of the Month)
January 17, David ListerDavid lister 2
Singer, Songwriter, David Lister, crafts songs, one at a time. The good ones he keeps. Those are the ones you’ll find him performing at venues in southwestern New Hampshire and central Massachusetts. Wistful songs about family, relationships, and unanticipated discovery. Songs that bite. Songs that make you laugh. Songs that can be uncomfortable.

Photograph © Dan Tappan
February 21, 2015  Bob PopeBob Pope
Bob Pope started learning how to play the guitar in 1960 while living in Puerto Rico. He was strongly influenced by local, Spanish, classical and flamenco guitarists, as well as the ’60’s era folk boom.    He is currently a member of the Monadnock Bluegrass Band,   http://monadnockbluegrass.keithhillyard.com/index.htm, and Folk River Run  http://www.reverbnation.com/folkriverrun4 playing at numerous festivals and gigs thoughout New England.  He also enjoys playing in several other local groups, and can be found “pickin’ and grinnin” once a month at the Nashua Senior Center, as well as performing solo at several open mics in NH and MA. Bob has 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren, and has lived in New Hampshire for the past thirty years.

March 21, Decatur Creek,Decatur Creek
Decatur Creek is an acoustic trio based in Antrim NH. In the band are Doug Farrell, Steve Dionne and Jack Carlton all of whom write original songs and have played as soloists .Their unique sound combines Folk, Americana and ballad. This is from their Facebook page.Listen at : http://www.reverbnation.com/decaturcreekWe have enjoyed listening to this trio grow. They performed in Mason at the Summer Music on the Green. They Wowed Folks that night. It can be said that Steve Jack and Doug’s Friendship is reflected in their performances. The sum of all the parts light up and energize the tapestry of music they perform for the audience. They are quite comfortable sharing the stage together and their friendship and camaraderie spill out onto the audience with wit and warmth. Everyone will enjoy this performance.  SPT
April 18 Tom KeatingTom Keating mando photo

” I’m a 60 yr old luthier, fascinated by the passing parade. Inventor, cook, ancient neophyte, believer in love
and personal assistant to the muse.”  TK
Tom is all those things and more. He posses a wonderful finger picking style of guitar. He also writes good songs.
May 16 Dan and Ken DurandDan and Ken Durand

Dan and Ken Durand have been playing music together for over 30 years. During this time they have played such varied venues as coffee houses, taverns, schools, weddings, fundraisers, and other special events. They favor using strong harmonies in the songs that they chose. It has often been noted how well their voices flow together. Whether this is nature (being brothers) or nurture (of the sound they aim to create) remains to be seen – or in this case, heard.

In a Keene Sentinel review of a local night of music, it was noted that Ken and Dan offered “a witty, wonderful mix of music, humorous discussion, social commentary, and music-good music” and that the music was “culturally diverse and humanly relevant.” You might find a bit of social commentary along side a humorous song with a little sign language throw in for good measure. And they have a good time doing it!!

June 20, Voci Angelica Trio

Voci Angelica TrioVoci

  Re-imagining the boundaries of traditional folk music, Voci Angelica Trio’s riveting arrangements of global songs from every continent leave audiences mesmerized.  Shimmering vocal harmonies intertwine with lush cello lines and vibrant percussion to create a musical fusion that transcends cultural divisions.

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