2013-14 Calendar

January 18, 2014, Will Kindler: see past performances, A great night!
February 15, 2014Neptune’s Car” Snowed out rescheduled for May 17th
March 15, 2014,  Dean Stevens, Dean played a wonderful performance. He was right at home on our stage. He even joined in with other performers keeping it light and informal. Thanks to Dean  and all that came.
April 19, 2014, Howie Newman: Another nice night of entertainment. Thank you Howie for sharing your talent.              Visit Howie’s web site (www.howienewman.com)
May 17, 2014: Neptune’s Car” ………       This was a very fun night filled with humor friendship and good music. Thank you Holly and Steve you are outstanding performers. Your harmonies, musicianship, lyrics, banter are only surpassed by the fact that you are genuinely nice folks. Visit Neptune’s Car Web site at http://neptunescar.com/
June 21, 2014, Thistlewood,Thistlewood Promo Picture 3
  Thistlewood, is a husband and wife team that combine Celtic harp and acoustic guitar to create multifaceted arrangements from various genres. The Duo hail from the Hillsborough NH area.Pam is a classically trained pianist and public school teacher who is drawn to both the haunting melodies and lively dance tunes played on the harp. She enjoys adding a classical sophisticated edge to the music but she also likes to improvise, adding a dimension of unpredictability.JP has is a multi instrumentalist. He has played mandolin, guitar, banjo, and bass in many local bands in the past 40 years. He has mastered various playing styles, from classical finger picking to blazing lead improvisation.Thistlewood featured at the Rindge coffee house last year. Some of the comments were, “Totally captivating”, “Seasoned musicians”, “You should have them feature at the Living Room Coffeehouse”. So Here they are.. JP and Pam Stohrer  “Thistlewood”.