June 15th The Season Finale

Tad Dreis June 15th 2013 1

June 15th 2013 coffee house                     A wonderful evening of Music and friendship. A great big fat thanks to all that helped make it happen.                        Tammy and Mason you are such a big help working in the kitchen and greeting. Debora thank you for staying and helping cleaning up.  And a big thanks to the rest that helped clean up. Also a rocking thanks to Tad Dreis, “pronounced like rice”, our feature for entertaining us with his original tunes.                                                                                                                                                                                    Mike,   Charley, and Steve opened the evening with a Grateful Dead tune, “Ripple”.         Jim Giddings, sang some solo a cappella tunes. I apologize; I was in the kitchen listening and not writing notes.                                                                                                                   Tad Dreis, the evenings feature performer, laid out his original compositions with ease and confidence. With well crafted tunes he sketched out personalities like the one in “Arm Chair Warrior” and the youthfull reflective “The Rug that Swore”.  The Harmonica accompanied many of the songs. He gave us all some insight to the different methods of customizing a mouth harp by filing or adding putty to the reads to change the tone. The Harp took center stage in the Beatles “Black Bird”. No guitar just vocals and harp.Tad is a busy Musician. He teaches music in the Keene area and online by skype. He also can be found playing Celtic music Tuesdays at Harlow’s Pub in Peterborough. Tad it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoined the evening as much as we did. You can Visit Tad’s Web site at http://www.taddreis.com/.                                                                       Rick Beausoleil performed on his self made guitar. He played some of his originals. “When the tide Rushes Out” “Beloved Father” and a friends original “Open the Door to Your Heart”.                                                                                                                                    Charley Moser was joined by Steve Tamulonis on Cajon for his first tune “Dire Wolf” Charley continued with “Peggy O”, and wrapped it up with his very own “If Jesus Had A Gun”.                                                                                                                                           Young Kasey Larocque was backed up by Christa Renee on electric Guitar as she sang the Rolling Stones clasic “Wild Horses”, followed by “Sweet Angle”, Then Deb Smith joined her on piano and they performed a melancholy tune “Where I Stood”. Fantastic! Christa Renee took the stage to perform her originals. This girl Rocked us folks with    “So love Sick For You” and “Can We Ever Be Happy”. She mentioned that her band will be performing July 16th in Pepperell for the summer music series. More free out door music! Free is for Me! Check the band out at http://www.christareneeband.com/shows.html Mike Damery played the “The Way” by  Fast Ball and wrapped it up with a great Bebo Norman tune “Try”. Thank you Mike for all you hard work and enthusiasm. For the past 5 seasons Mike has been the rock. Love ya brother.                                                        The evening was closed by John Pierson. John was filled with energy and poured out the music. I missed writing the first tune down but the second was a hoot. “Nh Black Flies” could become the Mason town song. Very funny John the ending cracked me up. He ended our season with “Six Days on the Road” and I’m gonna make it home tonight!                 Once again, from Mike and I, Thank you to all.

See you in September.

Steve T


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Frosty February Fun and it did’t snow this night. whew!

The Living Room Coffee House February 16, 2016

It was another evening of friends, food, music, laughter, and surprises. Mike and I appreciate all the folks that turned out to share the evening. This was a special evening marking our 1st anniversary managing the coffee house now in it’s 5 season. We could not make this coffee house what it is with out the energy of all the folks involved. The performers the volunteers and the fantastic audience, you all make this coffee house what it is. Thank you all!

New Beginnings, opened the evening with “Offering”, a rich tune with 6 voices layered on top of Charlene’s cello and Gary’s key board. They followed up with the popular U2 tune, “40”. They wrapped it up with,”Let My life be Proof of Your Love”. This was an up lifting spiritual song that sinks into your soul. One of the surprises of the evening happened at the end. In a conversation with Christine form New Beginnings we started planning a praise band festival to be held in August of this year. A new seed is planted. A new guest, young Justin Cohn took the stage. A singer song writer from Milford performed for us 3 of his original songs,“Beat the odds”, ”Just to find my Way” and “Honest Love”. Justin’s tastefully infused falsetto and his vocal dynamics drew the listener into his heart felt lyrics that sketched out pictures of love and hope. Justin will be our feature performer in September. A great way to start the season. Rick Beauselete performed “I Aint Wait’n”. This song makes a person feel motivated to get out there and just do it. Rick was kind enough it invite me to perform with on his next 2 songs so I didn’t get a chance to write down what they were. I remember I liked them. Jim Giddens recited some great works. The one about birds was a tickler that got us all laughing. Decatur Creek, Steve Dionne, Jack Carlton, and Doug Farrel offered up three original songs. Each song was written by a different member of the group. “South bound Train” “Down in a Hole”, and “Cruising For You”. I want to thank these gentlemen for inviting me to perform with them on stage. It was a great to hear the harmonies up close. Doug Farrel is the coordinator of the Round Room coffee house in Mount Vernon. He was so impressed with Neptune’s Car that he invited them to be the Round Room Feature May 2014. Note: March 9th our own Jerry Wile is the feature at the Round Room. That promises to be a good night. Wrapping up the evening was our good friend Mike Damery, He performed 2 Bebo Norman songs, “Try”, and  “Tip of my heart”. Mike you are the Key stone of this coffee house. Thanks for your love of music.

Mike great job!

Our February Feature was Neptune’s Car. Neptue’s Car  is Holly Hanson on guitar and vocals backed by Steve Hayes on guitar and vocals. These 2 musicians have a comfortable and friendly stage presence that has the audience relaxed and captivated. Holly’s confident, sweet voice caresses her lyrics as Steve’s tasteful guitar licks and back up vocals add the guilding that put a shine on their well polished tunes. To top it off, Holly and Steve are genuinely nice folks. A real pleasure to have in the room. “Follow This High Way”, off of their “Strawberry Moon” CD was their opening number. Next they performed a song Holly wrote for her two boys as part of their home schooling “Light house Keeper”. “ Letters From the Road” and “Truck Song” are off of their new release Letters from the Road. The latter is a song penned and sung by Steve with Holly’s backup and cute interjections, “That’s the New Hampshire way”. Steve’s voice and the Truck song remind me of Bill Morrissey’s “Back Roads of NH” The Truck song is just one of many that I really like. Holly shared the back story of “Strawberry Moon” which was very touching and helped to frame the song’s picture of a mother and her children’s flight to safety. “In the Blue Room”, Holly’s boys favorite song, “in the folk genera”,  was next. This Mother’s gentle lullaby in ¾ time is a peaceful piece of songwriting. Very nice Holly and Steve. A sweet song. They wrapped up their set with a love song, “Rose Island Light House” she sang “Sending out a signal to another heart”.    You will find they are playing around the area, check out the calendar on Neptune’s Car’s Web site to find out the dates and places. Neptune’s Car are good folks that play good music. Steve and Holly thanks for sharing your talents with us at the Living Room Coffee House in Mason NH. We wish you both the very best.   Check out neptunescar.com

Good Music to all

Steve Tamulonis

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January’s Open Mike

     January’s Coffee House was a fine way to start off the new year of Music. The diversity was wide, the talent very good, the audience warm and receptive, the coffee was hot and the snacks yummy. You couldn’t ask for anything more. A hardy thanks to our volunteers. Michele Scott was our greeter and Rodney Stedman, the man behind the coffee and snacks.

We had nearly a full house on this evening,  with a very receptive crowd. First the audience was treated to the wonderful rich harmonies of our new friends from Brookline, The “ New Beginings” praise band. With 6 singers a cellist and a key board player their music was smooth and layered.  Next David Lister shared a song he penned about his grandfather called “The Grandfather Song,” followed by “They Are Just Babies,” his poignant song about firearms. He finished up with “Welcome to the Monadnocks.”  Dave you write good songs. Enough said! I would just like to remind you folks that David’s new coffee house in Rindge NH has its debut this February 8th. . Charlie Moser presented two original poems:  Spider, and Dr. Frankenstein’s Compost.  They got a laugh from all.  He was joined by one of his students, Pam Lassen, for a mandolin duet by Raffale Calace.  It was the first time Bernie O’Grady played on our stage with a guitar instead of a bass. He entertained us with a warm version of “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” Followed by an Eddy Vetter tune. Tom Keating, a seasoned performer, had a memorable first time on our stage. He introduced us to “Mobius” an original that was well penned and played, Followed by “Say Goodbye to the West”. “When sweet air is all around us you are loved by everyone.”  Tom Please come back again. This next guy is…. well… if you have seen him play you know. One of our own local boys Jerry Wile rocked us with Chuck Berry’s Memphis and then laid on us a very fine original “This Old New Hampshire Home” You can catch Jerry March 9th at the Round Room Coffee House in Mount Vernon, He is the feature that night. http://roundroomcoffeehouse.com/. Jeanne Sable made her debut on our stage performing some songs that made you think about the way things are and maybe how they should be. She started with “Gram’s Song”, an original about one of the main characters in her novel, “Seed Keepers of Crescentville“. Her next song, “Monty’s in Missouri“, co-written with Valerie Piedmont, asks if man’s intervention into bioengineering of plants is better than thousands of years of evolution. I’m still chewing on that. She followed that with “Who Counts,” an original she wrote about voting machines. John Pearson, a Temple Boy transplanted to Mason, is no stranger to our stage. John entertained the audience with a fresh off the press original, “The Right Thing To Do”. John you right some good tunes. Wrapping up the evening was a new face to the coffee house Bill Fritz. He laid down “The House of the Rising Sun” and closed our evening with “The Stray Cat Strut”.

Saturday January 19th's featuring the clasical gutare talents of Matt Lister.

Saturday January 19th’s featuring the clasical gutare talents of Matt Lister.

Matt Lister, The evenings feature performer, visited us, all the way from Dover NH. Matt’s strong skillful fingers moved up and down the fret board painting musical sound scapes with a colorful ebb and flow of dynamics and emotion. As he performed, it was apparent he was enjoying the moment as much as his audience was. His dry wit and generous talent on the classical guitar was enough to fill the music lover’s soul. He opened with “Nocturne” by Johann Kaspar Mertz , then “Cavatina” by Stanley Myers, followed by “Variations on a Theme by Handel” by Mauro Giuliani. Next was “Romanza” flamenco arrangement by Jaun Serrano. To wrap it up he entertained the crowd with “The Weeping Willow” by Scott Joplin.                                                                                                                    Matt it was a real pleasure to have you join us on this special evening.  We wish all the best, and we hope to hear more of you, and your guitar.

Music Happens

Steve Tamulonis

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A Fun and Full House in November

First off, thank you to all the volunteers that make this community event happen.  From greeting, to keeping the coffee pot full, to bringing a mountain of cookies, and to cleaning up,  You all rock!  Thanks again.

We could tell from the onset that this November evening was going to be a good one. The room was abuzz with friends both new and old. We welcomed to the our stage for the first time the praise band from Brookline, “New Beginnings“, consisting of five singers, Piano, Guitar and a Cello. They had wonderful harmonies and rich full sound.    Jim Giddings gave us some clever reading/songs “The Ants are just blowing in the wind”. Matthew Lister hushed his audience with his tasteful classical guitar playing. He performed pieces from the 18th century. His arrangement of Bach’s cello suite, was a sweet treat! Matthew Lister will be our feature performer in January. Come give him a listen. Rick Beausoleil brought one of his custom guitars this night. He treated us all to an original “They Stole Jesus From My Christmas”. Nice Job Rick! Mehala Damery was joined by her dad Mike “The Birthday Boy” Damery as she sang Taylor Swift and Adel. Alex Tamulonis performed his NH All-State audition music for tenor saxophone. There  was a lot of notes in that classical piece! Whew! Charlie Moser entertained us with his wit. He read his original poem “If I was a ghost in this house I would….” and performed his sarcastic slap stick song “If Jesus Had a Gun”.  It was all in good taste and fun. John Pierson  shared  a wonderful version of “What Kind of love”,  and his original rocker “Do it up Big!”. Brenden Carton wrapped up the evening with some Beatles and an Elvis tune.

DavidLefty: Lister was our November feature performer.  David’s down-home casualness on stage created a relaxing atmosphere in the “Living Room”.  Some highlights from his performance were an original “Yakama Valley Serenade”, followed up by some Bill Staines. Then there was “Compass Points”, a heart-warming tribute to his older brother. It brought back memories of riding around the old neighborhood on my sister’s handle bars. I think this  is one of my new favorites. Well penned David. He followed with a beautiful version of the “Dutchman” and closed with another original, “Ten Thousand Times Before”.

Photos courtesy of Tammy McCracken.

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September 15th Music under the stars

Steve T. opened the night some rhythmic finesse on the cajon drum. Amanda Bingham’s voice was joined with the vocal harmonies of her friend Tom. Amanda is a young performer that has visited the Living room stage for 3 seasons now. It is a pleasure to watch her confidence and musicianship grow. Well done. Jim Gibben’s is always a surprise with his selections. He sang a incredible string band tune and then said he should probably do something that he has memorized. He sang a whole song in Arabic. Impressive.  John Person Took the stage with his Taylor and shared some good music including an original “Do it up big”

Steve Z was our feature performer this Saturday. Steve entertained the gathering with 50 minutes of original songs penned by himself and friends. I enjoy Steve’s performance in so many ways. He is formost a gentleman and a friend. The songs he chose were heartwarming and reminiscing about love, or love lost. I always request the song “Natalie”. And as any good gentleman would, he honored the request. Thanks again. It was the best version I have ever heard. Steve’s soft tenor serenade about a one true love fell upon us like a Comfy warm blanket. On the flip side of his selections was a tune he penned about Angelina Jolie. This humorous romp of a tune kept Mike and I laughing straight on through. If you get a chance to see Steve Z don’t miss him. I understand that he frequents the coffee house in Dunbarton.                                                                                                         There are so many coffee houses out there. Visit http://openmikes.org/listings/ to see who, when, and where. We know the why….              Cheers Steve T

photos by Sam Mathews

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June 16th the Youth Group takes the reins

It has been a tradition that the Mason Congregational Church’s Youth group runs our last coffee house of the season. This is a “fun” fundraiser for the group. Everyone is invited to participate. I have had the pleasure of spending time with these young adults. They are a caring and synergistic group that has ventured well beyond our state to help others. They have gone to Beloxi Mississippi to help with hurricane relief. They have visited our Neighbor state Maine to do charitable work. Last summer they gave up a week of their vacation to help the homeless in our country’s capital. They have many heartwarming stories to share with everyone. I hope their evening is a success.Image

In past years this has been the biggest gathering in the living room. If you plan to attend get there a bit early and sign up for a performance slot.


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A Comfy May Coffee House

It was a delightful evening with new and old friends of the Living Room. Josh Korsman sang while accompaning himself on the piano. Jim Giddings read and sang songs that were written before my grand father was born. Brett Stevens picked some wonderful banjo and was accompanied by Jerry Wile. Mike Damery accompanied his daughter Mahala as she sang Adele’s current hits. Mike Damery played his old chestnut “Free To Fly”. It was a pleasure to welcome back to our stage the singer songwriter Steve Z (Zeldow). David Lister proved that vacations are good material for writing songs too. He took us to an old ghost town. Nicely done everyone.

Jerry Wile, Our Feature for May. entertained the audience with his mastery of flatpicking and singing. One of my favorites was a smokin’ version of Steve Goodman’s classic “City of New Orleans”. The real pearl he performed was one that he penned himself. The title escapes me now, but I do remember the gist of it. Allow me to paraphrase. It was about adding another addition on to an old house, and the generations of the family that are added on too. “Make sure that the sills is firm and True”. Jerry that was a fine song. Well crafted. We all hope to hear that song again. Thank you.

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