Our Past Feature Performers

2018/19 season

September 15th  Jibe Man Co.

Innovative, appealing, strong vocals, pleasing to the ear are some of the ways to describe Jim and Beth.  I would add that they are genuine souls that create real in the moment music. They met in 2014, and soon realized they had very similar tastes in music, with that they decided to work out a few songs together and wouldn’t you know a year later they went to an open mic and were very well received. They continued to branch out to more venues, and have put together a large selection of songs from the 60’s through present that appeal to all age groups. Combine Jim’s innovative guitar leads, smooth dobro playing and strong vocals, with Beth’s appealing vocals and rhythm guitar, you get “Jibe Man Co.” a band that is a musically pleasing duo. 


2017/18 season

June 16th Jess and Dean

Mason’s very own acoustic Duo. Jess and Dean have been performing, professionally, local, for years, and are a favorite at the Mason Old Homes day. Jess has a rich soulful voice with a hint of Emmylou Harris, Alison Krous, and Etta James. She is accompanied by Mr Dean on guitar, banjo and vocals. They will entertain you with current contemporary songs that we all love to sing along with.They love to have a  good time!

May 19th Don and Jeni KlardieDanand Jeni Klardi

Dan and Jeni Klardie are a N.H. based acoustic duo that strive to stir the soul with their music!
Passionate singer/songwriter, Jeni, blends harmoniously with husband Dan vocals and edgy guitar interpretations.
Their sound is a fusion of Blues, Folk-Rock and Gospel. Their repertoire engages listeners with tight harmonies and often dramatic renditions of popular music as well as originals. Dan and Jeni have been performing at local Open Stages, Festivals, Coffee Houses, Special Celebrations and Private Parties for several decades.

April 21st, Tom Smith

Tom Smith blkTom Smith’s songs are in turns humorous, touching, thought provoking, and inspiring. Deeply rooted in the old-school folk tradition, his timeless stories are told with a voice that is honest and sincere with melodies that you will remember forever. In the words of noted singer/songwriter Barbara Kessler, “Tom Smith will make you laugh and cry (maybe even in the same song) – a very captivating songwriter and performer.” Tom grew up in rural Pennsylvania in a family where music was part of the fabric of everyday life. As a young man living at the epicenter of the folk-quake that was Cambridge, MA in the 1960’s, Tom solidified what has become a life-long love of self-made music. Now a folk veteran of over thirty-five years, Tom performs at festivals, coffeehouses, schools, and concerts throughout the Northeastern United States to audiences large and small, young and old. Tom’s monthly folk music blog, “The Kitchen Musician” can be viewed at TomSmithMusic.com.

March 18th, 2017  

Featuring Singer Song writer Jerry Wile


This night was smokin….Jerry is an accomplished signer songwriter. I’m sure you all have heard him perform. Wow!.     Well ….Maybe you are new to the area or live under a rock. If you have not heard Jerry, I hope to see you on March 18th.

February 17th, Jon Pond

Jon Pond black and wtWith his firm and strong vocals and a range that emphasizes the breadth of his emotion packed compositions the listener is drawn into the sharing of the story that is unfolding on the stage. Listen and you will drink in the genuine heart felt tales woven before your eyes. We were again amazed and blown away by his stage presents.  It is part of our mission and our enjoyment to invite young, singer songwriters to pour it out on our stage. Jon great job! We had some new faces perform and some of our old friends return for a evening that reflected the somber mood of a week that was full of grief and misfortune. Our thoughts go out to all those that are affected by the Parkland Florida shootings. We came together in musical fellowship and healing. Our new friend Eli shared his new song “Muddy Water”. I poignant song about the life choices we all make. It reverberated with all night.  Be well  SPT

January 20th, Caleb Wetherbee

Finger-style guitarist/singer Caleb Wetherbee performs traditional and contemporary folk music with intricate bare-finger accompaniment. Audiences can expect a repertoire of sensitive ballads, country-blues tunes, older songs in the vein of Fats Waller along with many solo guitar favorites and original compositions. With his controlled baritone voice and six-string stylings, Wetherbee’s singing and playing are sure to inspire and entertain

December 9th,

Only the daring would venture out on a snowy night like this.
Or may be we are not that sensible. Any way, there was a small crowd but we had some fun. Thanks to Sherry for bringing some goodies to eat. And I am glad everyone made it home okay.

Thchaz-and-erik-1e Wicked Good Old Boys
Chaz Beauleiu on Flute and percussion, and Eric Blackmer on Guitar and Voice are a duo that call them selves “The Wicked Good Old Boys”. If you were at the November 20th Coffee house you were treated to a sample of the sweat melodies these two fine musicians conjure up. The Boys dusted off some great old tunes from the 14th century. Classical is always new when laid down with soul and talent. Their musical well is deep, so there will be a variety of tunes.

November 18th, Fran LaMalva

fran-lamalva-e1501030964225.jpgFran LaMalva has been around for a while in these parts and has delighted every single crowd he’s performed for. His polished and intricate guitar styles and arresting vocals capture each song exquisitely, whether it’s one of his own compositions or a compelling cover.  A very heartwarming experience!  Not only does Fran play at the top-shelf level, but he builds his own guitars.  His luthier business is located at http://lizardeye.com/ and he hails from Hollis, NH.

Hi all, what a fun night! There was good food, friends, and the music was fantastic! Thank you to all. Fran you make it all look so easy.  Invite a friend or two. It is a nice evening out.

October 21, Steve Z


We asked Steve Z to provide us with short blurb and this is what he sent us:

On Saturday Night, October 21, The Living Room Coffee House is pleased required to announce our Featured Performer will be Steve Z. For 30 years Mr. Z has been irritating Southern New Hampshire audiences with his interminable litany of sad songs. Blessed with a powerful voice that spans four octaves, of which he sings adequately in approximately one, Steve will blubber incoherently about one emotional calamity or another until clearer heads prevail and we chase him from the stage. So abandon all hope and join us for what is sure to be a memorable evening, (if you’re the kind of person who remembers root canals and tax audits.)

This was another fantastic evening of friends and music. Steve Z performed a memorable set full of heart string pulling songs (Natalie) and some with a touch of humor, (Angelina).  Half of Decatur Creek was here. Jack Henry (Carlton) brought 3 loads of gear and played with just about everyone. Jack We loved the pedal steel. A hearty thanks to Jim, William, Beth, Jerry, Rick, Doug and a special appearance by Holly Hanson (Neptune’s Car). It was a treat to have Holly team up with Jack and Doug. It was another memorable evening.  A Special thanks to Karin Eisenhower for greeting and baking some yummy treats. Also thanks to Sherry for the waters and the treats. You all are the grease that helps the wheels keep’n on turn’n.

 September 16,  guest feature performers Decatur CreekDecatur Creek

Decatur Creek is an acoustic trio based in Antrim NH. In the band are Doug Farrell, Steve Dionne and Jack Carlton all of whom write original songs and have played as soloists .Their unique sound combines Folk, Americana and ballad. This is from their Facebook page.Listen at :

What a night of music. Decatur Creek was fantastic and so were all the other performers. Pat Kenneally played a new original song about a mother giving up her new born that made my heart wrench. Steve Z teamed up with Doug Ferrell
and entertained us with some original compositions. The Bradford Bog People did an instrument swap off and were joined by a friend on the stand up bass. Lisa, ( I finally married the Pope) Greenleaf-Pope played her Uke and was accompanied by hubby (Sheriff Bob). Bob played a fantastic musical piece that was an original lullaby. And it was a night filled with banjos and fiddles. Jerry Wile closed the night burning down the house with his hot licks on the banjo

Comments like
“This is the best Coffee House evening I’ve ever been too.” Mike, of Sugar Run
“A very good and strong performance night from everyone!” Jack Carlton
“What a great night of Music by all.” Doug Ferrel


June 17th, 2017
The Hand in Hand Fund raising concert
for St Vincent de Paul food pantry, Greenville

The Wicked Good old Boys

Jane Fallon







Mason Coffee House “The Living Room” Concert

Featuring Hiroya Tsukamoto

photo’s courtesy of John Poltrack

Visit John Poltracks Blog to read and listen to more.   http://blog.poltrack.net/


May 20th, 2017 Our featured Guests is Flair-Sumoto  Flair-Sumoto is a trio made up of “Flair” – songwriters Roger Fluet and Lee Villaire –  and guitarist Scott Matsumoto.Flair-Sumoto


Lee & Roger are prolific songwriters of blues-infused alternative pop, featuring clever, emotional lyrics and catchy melodies layered on foot-tapping, head-bopping rhythmic backdrops.  Seasoned performers, the duo have released 7 CDs between them and perform regularly with their full band, cleverly called The Flair Band. Scott Matsumoto is a finger-style guitarist who covers a wide range of styles; everything from Michael Hedges to Tommy Emmanuel. The musical collaboration with Scott and Flair grew out of several jam sessions and their mutual appreciation for Belgium ales. Always inspiring, as is the music they perform together! (www.flairsongs.com)

April 15th, 2017 Featuring Jim Giddings

jim-sipiaJim Giddings is a wellspring of Song history and commentary. Typically Jim is unaccompanied, using only his voice. Many times the audience is encouraged to join in, sometimes he breaks out the penny whistle, and sometimes he is accompanied by a friend. What captures the imagination is Jim’s willingness to share the world’s history of  Songs. Songs through the years have been used to entertain, energize social movements, to shine a light on injustice, and to celebrate events. You may just may sing a song that you sang in elementary school or maybe learn a song from Africa. One thing is for sure. This will be something different.    

March 18th, 2017  

Featuring Singer Song writer Jerry Wile

jerry-wileFeaturing Singer Song writer Jerry Wile

Featuring Singer Song writer Jerry Wile
Featuring Singer Song writer Jerry Wile

Jerry is an accomplished signer songwriter. I’m sure you all have heard him perform. Wow!.     Well ….Maybe you are new to the area or live under a rock. If you have not heard Jerry, I hope to see you on March 18th.

February 18th, 2017 *** Featuring Mike Ordway***mike-ordway
Mike, a resident of Mason, has been performing since the age of 16 playing guitar and singing. While playing many different genres in many musical groups, he has developed a love of diverse musical styles.
Now, in 2016, Mike performs solo with his acoustic guitar, while embracing many of today’s latest electronic effects. Using guitar looping, a now-a- days popular on-stage recording system, Mike can record himself and then play other musical parts over that recording. This results in a “full-band” sound of music, where Mike can add drums, bass guitar and even lead guitar over his live-recorded loops. From rock to blues, country to pop, Mike fills up a stage with a full sound that will surprise the un-expecting

January 21st, 2017,  We welcome to the stage Wendy Kieth as our feature performer.  wendy-kiethWendy Keith has been playing music in the Monadnock Region since the ‘70s and has performed original, Americana, Blues and Gospel with her band, Wendy Keith and Her Alleged Band. She has played the Folkway, the Colonial, Peterborough Players and has opened for Jesse Colin Young and the band, America. Vance Gilbert said, “What a Voice! Hubba Hubba!” Greg Brown said, “Sounds just like an Angel.” 

December 10th 2016,  Featuring Singer songwriter Jane Fallon.    Jane Fallen   Jane is a wellspring of talent.

Originally from the West Coast and now living in the Northeast, Jane is an award winning songwriter and veteran performer whose smooth, rich voice and well-written songs get noticed. With vocals that have been called “angelic” and “mesmerizing”, her original songs “combine humor, intelligence, and deep musicality with an artfulness that is unusual.” (Wildy Haskell).
In 2015 her most recent release, Tangled in a A Tree, was nominated of album of the year by Limelight magazine and Jane was selected to perform a juried showcase at the Northeast Regional Folk Festival. She has performed locally at may venues including the Boston Folk Festival, The LindenTree Coffeehouse and the Bull Run Restaurant.
Jane recently won the Woody Guthrie and Will McLean Songwriting Competitions and has been a finalist in several songwriting competitions such as South Florida, Great River, Solar Fest, The Mid-Atlantic contest, and the prestigious Rose Garden Coffeehouse Competition. Her songs have placed in the Pennsylvania Heritage Songwriting Competition, the Neuse River MusicFest competition, and the West Coast Songwriter’s Competition as well.
Jane is also an author whose book about her father’s life journey, from
sharecropper’s son to cowboy, is chronicled in her new book “Seven Songs in Seven Days: The Journey of an Arkansas Traveler”. Review Corinne Smith says “ Seven Songs” offers “not only good storytelling but also a few peeks into the creative process of songwriting” and offers us the opportunity to “better understand the paths we take.”

 “One of the good artists in a sea of soulless clutter.”                          Cyrus Rhodes,    Indie Music Magazine.

For more on Jane and her music go to http://www.janefallon.com

November 19th, 2016,Tara Greenblat Band

The Tara Greenblatt Band

Band member are Tara Greenblatt, Ramsay Thomas, Lucio S. Eastman, Shana R. Hall, & Grace Aldrich. Together they weave a musical tapestry of luscious harmonies, decadent strings, groovy hand drumming, & poignant lyrics.                            Visit: http://taragreenblatt.com/

This is their second appearance at the Living Room Coffee House. These folks make great music together. I’ve enjoyed all the performances I’ve seen. They are loosely tight with an earthy richness of musical rhythm, and harmony that carries and supports the human lyrics. They make beautiful real music. SPT.

October 15th, 2016, Pat Kenneally and Rick Cooper,

Pat and Rick offer up seriously wicked cool infectious camaraderie and good humor.  In a word, FUN!

pat-and-rick   Rick Cooper and Pat Kenneally grew up less than a mile apart in the burbs north of Boston in the era of the Everlys and Elvis.  Delivering an entertaining mix of folk-rock, country, and blues to appreciative and enthusiastic audiences from Cambridge to Keene to Winnipesaukee, they have become an integral part of the vibrant local music scene.            On stage, Cooper & Kenneally pump out an assortment of early rock and roll covers and ‘The Good’ country (Jimmie Rodgers/Willie Nelson) that we know and love, all stamped with their unique brand.  Their original folk-pop, a totally different beast, can range from poignant to humorous to rockin’.  The vocal harmonies, blend of guitar/ukulele and tune selection are a lot of fun to listen to.  Wonderfully talented musicians who understand what entertaining a crowd is all about,

Cooper & Kenneally have opened for such groups as Ernie and The Automatics, Ronnie Earl, and David Buskin & Robin Batteau. Their “Off Our Rockers” CD (available on iTunes) has provided the sound track for many a happy road trip.  They are currently working on their second album.


September 17th, 2016, 

Dean Stevens feature March 15, 2014

Dean Stevens     Seeing and hearing Dean Stevens live on stage is proof that sanity, literacy, love, hope, and the forces of good are still alive and well and at work in the universe.http://www.deanstevens.com/Listen at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/deanstevens4




June 18thEd Thomas cutup With Feature performer Edward Thomas

Growing up on a small farm in Lunenburg MA, Ed started playing guitar at 10 (in between  shoveling stuff). He played in bands thru his college days, then honed his musical skills playing biker bars for  decades in the 90’s. Though always writing original material he did not start recording  “Not My Job” CD till 2005ish. Ed acknowledges all of  the help and support from his many friends on the local folk scene; “Thanks Homies!”  Ed


May 21st: Featuring Ken Hasselbrack..

Ken started playing guitar in the mid sixties and gravitated toward folk music. Early on the players that inspired him were the likes of Tom Paxton, Judy Collins, Pete Seeger, Phil Oakes and not to mention Dylan! As time went on he became interested in the back stories of the music which has led to the love of traditional and Celtic music. Today his inspiration comes from his fellow “open micer’s” along with the different venues in the area.

“I look forward to my up coming feature.” Ken



April 16th: Lisa Greenleaf takes our stage as the feature performer,

“ILisa_musician_1 would love to be the feature performer, Saturday, April 16th, 2016.  OMG…so excited.”

Lisa Greenleaf was born in Manchester By-the-Sea, MA.  She started playing guitar when she was 11.  Over the years she has been influenced by the likes of John Denver, Joni Mitchell, Faith Hill, Nora Jones, James Taylor, Allison Krause, Jennifer Nettles, and Ingrid Michaelson.  She recently started playing the ukulele and over the past few years has developed a wide repertoire of folky, country, and contemporary music.  She loves performing at various open mics in NH and MA. She is often accompanied by her fiancé Bob Pope on guitar. Lisa is also an accomplished fine art artist, graphic designer, award-winning author & illustrator.  She also is a certified Reiki Master, IET Master Instructor and an Akashic Record Practitioner.  Lisa lives in Nashua, NH, has 2 children, 2 dogs, and enjoys kayaking, meditating, and yoga.


March 19th:   Tom KeatingTom Keating mando photo

” I’m a 60 yr old luthier, fascinated by the passing parade. Inventor, cook, ancient neophyte, believer in love and personal assistant to the muse.”  TK

Tom is all those things and more. He posses a wonderful finger picking style of guitar that flows and ebbs with expression. The music pours effortlessly thru his fingers, painting a wide “music-scape”, were he calmly lays down his lyrics that are poetic and heartfelt.


February 20th:  The Wicked Good Old Boys.
flute and guitar

Chaz Beauleiu on Flute and percussion, and Eric Blackmer on Guitar and Voice are a duo that call them selves “The Wicked Good Old Boys”. If you were at the November 20th Coffee house you were treated to a sample of the sweat melodies these two fine musicians conjure up. The Boys dusted off some great old tunes from  the 14th century. Classical is always new when laid down with soul and talent. Their musical well is deep, so there will be a variety of tunes.

We are fortunate that Eric will be in town this weekend. He wrote,”I won’t be out of the country, though I may be out of my mind”. Come and witness a guitar that may be out of his mind. LOL.


January 16th Mahala Damery and Friends

Mahala 2016

Mahala Damery

Mahala is a young, talented singer and budding musician who was drawn to music
at an early age and has enjoyed singing in the Elementary, Middle and High school
choruses. She is now singing with the stellar, “Cecilia Ensemble,” the all girls high
school group of the Grand Monadnock Youth Choir.
Performing songs at local coffee houses, such as Mason, Rindge, and Mount Vernon, Mahala has been building stage confidence singing songs from Adele, BeBe Rexha,  5 Seconds of Summer, and Hillsong. Friends and Family have accompanied her with their voices and instruments in the past, but now she is introducing her own guitar playing. Along with guitar she is learning violin, flute, and saxophone.


December  5th: Chuck Hopcraft is our feature:

chuck hopecraft3 I’m psyched to hear this young man’s performance. I heard Chuck perform at the Union Coffee open Mic. What he played for us that night was straight ahead honest songs. Chuck is also a father that has found music is a great way to entertain and teach your children. he has some very cute videos on his facebook page.



November 21st:    Derek Russell Fimbel, derek fimbal

A young lad who possesses a fine talent to write and perform his own material. He haunts the Union Coffee shop on south street in Milford. This is the business he, his brother, and their family  started last fall. When I first chatted with Derek he was working hard with the family to make this dream a reality. He made it clear to me that one aspect of his dream was to fulfill his passion for sharing live music. On Friday and Saturday nights you can get a great cup of coffee and listen to some good local performers and the Union Coffee. One of the many Friday nights I’ve visited I was thrilled to see a younger crowd hanging out and performing. I also have seen Derek’s name on the the LaBelle Winery Calendar for entertaining.  Derek we look forward to your performance at the Living Room Coffee House in Mason.


October 17th:     Bob PopeBob Pope

Bob Pope started learning how to play the guitar in 1960 while living in Puerto Rico. He was strongly influenced by local, Spanish, classical and flamenco guitarists, as well as the ’60’s era folk boom.    He is currently a member of the Monadnock Bluegrass Band,   http://monadnockbluegrass.keithhillyard.com/index.htm, and Folk River Run  http://www.reverbnation.com/folkriverrun4 playing at numerous festivals and gigs thoughout New England.  He also enjoys playing in several other local groups, and can be found “pickin’ and grinnin” once a month at the Nashua Senior Center, as well as performing solo at several open mics in NH and MA. Bob has 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren, and lives in Nashua, New Hampshire with his fiancé Lisa Greenleaf. The Magic of Music.



May 17, 2014: Neptune’s Car” ………      

May's feature performers, Neptune's Car

May’s feature performers, Neptune’s Car

   Holly and Steve are outstanding performers. Their harmonies, were richly blended as they performed an unusual set of cover tunes from their early years together. This was a real treat. Holly and Steve Neptune’s Car will be back in Mason on September 7. They will perform a set at the Mason Olde Home days 2:00.  Visit their Web site at http://neptunescar.com/.  

This was a fun evening filled with laughs and music. Steve Tamulonis sang accompanied by his Cajon. Jim Giddigs presented some songs from the past. Long past. Steve Bix A comedian from Gardner MA had us cracking up with his humor. Gerry Wile wowed us with his finger picking and original tune. Rick Beausoleil (The coffee house God Father) played some wonderful originals. Finishing out the night was Ken Hasselback with some fine finger picking and singing. Thanks to all the volunteers Tammy, Mason, Mike and Steve, and to all that listened and helped pick up afterwords.


April 19, 2014,                                                                  Howie Newman: From the Boston area, His amusing compositions are up-tempo and catchy, and he keeps things lively with funny between-songs banter and short comedy bits. Howie had great performance. His song about the Medoza line was a baseball education. We had a fun evening. Thanks Howie. Thanks to all the other performers and the volunteers. You all make it happen.


March 15, 2014, 

Dean Stevens feature March 15, 2014

Dean Stevens feature March 15, 2014

Dean Stevens     Seeing and hearing Dean Stevens live on stage is proof that sanity, literacy, love, hope, and the forces of good are still alive and well and at work in the universe.http://www.deanstevens.com/Listen at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/deanstevens4

  • January 18, 2014, 

    Will Kindler

    Will Kindler

    The brunt of the storm missed us and we were pleasantly surprised at the turnout. Thanks to all those who ventured out on a snowy night. You were rewarded by an evening of warmth, yummy food and good entertainment.

    The evening was opened up with class. Charlie Maser and Pam Lassen played a series of classical mandolin duets. Tom Keating followed with his own arrangement of “Mercy Street”. Tom played one of his own and ended with “Where does the time go?”                         Will Kindler, Our evening’s Feature performer, was in fine spirits. He worked his 9 song set with ease on the strings and artistry with the lyrics. Some of the songs were colored with Will’s bluesy harmonica. What a list…..                                                 1. “Nebraska” 2. “Unwed Fathers” 3. “Oh God, I’m Going Under”     4. “I Don’t Believe You” (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)           5. “Girl In Port” 6. “Dirty Dishes” 7. “Smith Hill” 8. “Device of Desire” 9. “Oh Darling”

    Rick Beausolette strummed out some original tunes on his self made guitar. Rick played his “Keep it Going” and “Mercy Now”. Keep it going Rick.     Mike Damery played a Bebo Norman chestnut “Free”, followed by REM’s“One Hundred Million Birds”.   I played my beautiful Cajon (Box). I have been listening to the music of our feature performers. Dean Stevens (March 15) has a favorite tune named “Let Justice Roll Down”. This is great tune and it seemed appropriate as we remembered Martin Luther King this January.

    A Hardy Thank you to Tammy McCracken for her handy work managing the kitchen. Thanks to all the folks that helped break down and clean up the room. Many hands make light work.

       You can listen to Will Kindler’s latest release, “Marrow,” on line at  https://myspace.com/willkindler/music/album/marrow-19201641.