Puerto Rico

Huricain Maria photoThe Living Room Coffee House raised $165 in donations to support the work of ISER Caribe, Helping families get clean water and other basic necessities. A great big thanks to all that contributed!

A scene from the after math of Hurricane Maria is shown above. There has been a great deal of work done and there is more to do. The Living Room Coffee house will be sending it’s March donations to ISER an organization that is in the midst of the Puerto Rica people and their efforts to sustain and rebuild.

Institute for Socio-Ecological Research, “ISER”, is Committed to emergency relief efforts in Puerto Rico.  https://isercaribe.org

Their Mission: ISER Caribe is committed to work directly with local communities through a transdisciplinary approach by conducting participatory research and engagement.

Their Vision: ISER Caribe will position itself as a leading research, educational and outreach organization in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean.

All of your donations will go to the folks affected by Hurricane María. The donations will help to build a sustainable and resilient Puerto Rico.

Visit ISER’s Web site to learn more.

Thanks Stephen And Mike